If you would like to contact me to inquire and/or complain (complaints encouraged!) about anything on this site or about any other topic (other topics likely being far more interesting than the things on this site), email me at jeffersonbailey[ampersat]gmail[period]com.


Professional Service


Director, Web Archiving Programs
Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA
(May 2015-current)

Program Manager, Web Archiving Programs
Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA
(June 2014-May 2015)

Strategic Initiatives Manager
Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), New York, NY
(August 2012-June 2014)

Fellowship in Digital Preservation, NDIIPP
Library of Congress, Office of Strategic Initiatives, Washington, DC
(October 2011-August 2012)

Digital Project Coordinator
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn, NY
(April 2011-October 2011)

Digitization Project Manager
Frick Art Reference Library, New York, NY
(October 2010-October 2011)

Archives Technician
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), New York, NY
(Employee, January-August 2011; Intern, September-December 2010)

Archives Fellowship
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Johnson Space Center, History Office, Houston, TX
(June 2010-August 2010)

Freelance Digital Archivist
The New York Times, Op-Ed Department, remote & New York, NY
(April 2010-October 2010)

Freelance Archivist
Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records Archive, New York, NY
(October 2010-May 2011)

Assistant Conservation Technician
University of Pittsburgh, Preservation Department, Pittsburgh, PA
(September 2009-May 2010)

Professional Service:

Steering Committee, International Internet Preservation Consortium (June 2014-current)
Co-Chair, Innovation Working Group, National Digital Stewardship Alliance (September 2012-current)
Member, Theodore Calvin Pace Award Subcommittee, Society of American Archivists (SAA) (August 2012-current)
Member, Program Committee, MARAC Spring 2013 Conference

Prior Lives:

Records Analyst, Fortis Bank
Compliance Analyst, Goldman Sachs
Institutional Trading Specialist, JP Morgan

(Email me for additional resume info in the extremely-difficult-to-imagine event that you require additional details)


  1. Susan

    I am looking for a Jeff Bailey that lived in Saratoga and would be about 60 years old.. You?..

  2. Rockie

    I am looking for a Jefferson Bailey that is interested in resuscitating Neil Night for John’s 40th birthday party in Brooklyn. Is that you?

    • Jefferson

      It’s better to revive Neil Night, than to fade away.

  3. Gail truman

    yeh Jefferson, a suggestion you add a photo to your site – then you won’t get “are you the Jefferson Bailey” who…. was stuck in the elevator with me in Baton Rouge last year (OK I need some coffee to start the day). But seriously, it will help us find you (networking!!) at conferences :-)

  4. Jefferson

    But the “are you the Jefferson Bailey” questions are some of my favorite (and only) blog comments. Plus, I like to daydream about what life would be like if I were that 60-year old in Sarasota. Would I be happy? Sad? Would I think it’s too cold in here? Too hot? And why don’t my grandkids call anymore? Ah, the possibilities…

    What’s “networking”?

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