Disrespect des Fonds

bailey_archivejournal_image3My piece for Archive Journal, “Disrespect des Fonds: Rethinking Arrangement and Description in Born-Digital Archives“ is now posted online. I owe a big thanks to the editors and to my friends that gave feedback (all of whom I have thanked personally, so no need to name-drop here).

I had hoped to do some associated visualizations, but haven’t gotten around to it yet (and at this point, most likely won’t in the future). Still, it was a fun piece to work on even if I’m not sure I captured my thoughts on the matter clearly or coherently. I do remember getting a chuckle out of writing the sentence: “The little truck is a metaphor for archival description.” Also, there are some Wikipedia articles that I created as part of this piece. Hope to do that more in future writings — spread the information wealth!

The article took a more historical bent than I expected, which perhaps led it a bit afield from data curation, but I hope it provided some good perspective and parallels. For those interested in the history of archival thinking/practice as well as librarianship, the proceedings of the 1910 Brussels Congress (discussed in the AJ article) are worth a browse [plus it includes an article titled "Library Books and Infectious Diseases"]. The home page for that .pdf actually 404ed over the course of writing my article, which makes me think maybe I should grab the it and throw it in Internet Archive. [Update: Now in IA! Here: https://archive.org/details/BrusselsCongress1910].

Turns out IA does already have something about the 1910 event: an old ALA Bulletin article, which notes, “In response to the requests for steamship accommodations from those who expect to attend the International Congress of Librarians and Archivists, in Brussels next August, the entire cabin with 300 berths has been reserved on the steamship Vaderland of the Red Star Line.” Makes me wish my conference travels involved steamship accommodations!

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