Get Your Bits Off

Rescue your hostage bits! This article’s author envisions a mobile SWAT-station Bitmobile having slightly less – but still a significant amount of – armor plating! Image: “Lakeland SWAT” by lakelandlocal on Flickr.

[Ed. note: I'm going to start posting my non-work blog posts here mostly because it gives me the appearance of being more productive than I actually am, but also because my site has, as I joke, infinite scrolling for finite content. So the more posts I, uh, post, the more scrolltastic it gets. I am eternally gratefully that Bill LeFurgy and the whole NDIIPP crew let me keep blogging there, especially when I'm penning ribald titles and making silly jokes like "SWATAAS." I can't believe they let me get away with that stuff. They're the best!]

Get Your Bits Off (Old Storage Media)

[Ed note #2: I'm just going to link to the original post, b/c if you can't trust NDIIPP with link preservation, whom can you trust?]

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