More Podcast, Less Process

mplp_logoI don’t often post work-related stuff here, but the few internet wanderers that may stumble upon this site and have an interest in its topics may also be interested in More Podcast, Less Process, a podcast  series I do with co-host Joshua Ranger of AudioVisual Preservation Solutions in which we talk with archivists and others about archives-related stuff. If the groan-inducing MPLP joke title doesn’t make it clear, it is a rather informal, conversational affair.

If interested, check out episodes at: Also check out that groovy intro music by me! And from like 1998, when that sort of “songcraft” was slightly less unoriginal! The logo is pretty good too, Jason Kucsma and I share credit on that. All the credit for listening in, though, goes straight to you, dear reader-who-is-about-to-be-a-dedicated-listener.

If not interested, also check it out so that I can game the stats/analytics.


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