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Bailey, Jefferson and Lily Pregill. “Speak to the Eyes: The History and Practice of Information Visualization” Art Documentation (Vol. 33, Fall 2014). [Web]

Bailey, Jefferson, et al. “Web Archiving in the United State: A 2013 Report.” National Digital Stewardship Alliance Report (October 2014). [Web]

Bailey, Jefferson. “TAGOKOR: Biography of an Electronic Record.” Archive Journal, Issue 4. May 2014. [Web]

Bailey, Jefferson and Rachel Miller. “The Role of Archives in Supporting Changing Research Practices: A Panel Discussion.” Metropolitan Archivist, Volume 20, Number 1 (Winter 2014). [PDF].

Altman, Micah, et al. [including me, which is why I'm listing it here]. The National Agenda for Digital Stewardship 2014. National Digital Stewardship Alliance. July 2013. [PDF].

Bailey, Jefferson. “Disrespect des Fonds: Rethinking Arrangement and Description in Born-Digital Archives.” Archive Journal, Issue 3. June 2013. [Web].

Altman, Micah, Jefferson Bailey, Karen Cariani, Michelle Gallinger, Jane Mandelbaum, and Trevor Owens. “NDSA Storage Report: Reflections on National Digital Stewardship Alliance Member Approaches to Preservation Storage Technologies.” D-Lib Magazine, Volume 19, Number 5/6. May/June 2013. [Web].

Bailey, Jefferson, Andrea Goethels, Trevor Owens, and Meg Phillips. “The NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation: An Explanation and Uses.” Paper published in the Proceedings of the IS&T Archiving 2013 Conference. April 2013. [PDF].

Bailey, Jefferson. “The Big Digital Sleep” and “Pass it On: Library of Congress Events for Preservation Week 2012″ in Mike Ashenfelder, et al. Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving. National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program. Library of Congress. March 2013. [PDF]. (A couple of my blog posts for The Signal were included in this ebook — hey, it counts!).

Algee, Lauren, Jefferson Bailey, and Trevor Owens. “Viewshare and the Kress Collection: Creating, Sharing, and Rapidly Prototyping Visual Interfaces to Cultural Heritage Collection Data.” D-Lib Magazine, Volume 18, Number 11/12. November/December 2012. [Web].

Bailey, Jefferson and Trevor Owens. “Viewshare: Digital Interfaces as Scholarly Activity.” Perspectives on History. Vol. 50, No. 7 (October 2012): 48-50. [Web].

Bailey, Jefferson and Trevor Owens. “From Records to Data with Viewshare: An Argument, An Interface, A Design.” Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. Vol. 38, No. 4 (April/May 2012): 45-47. [PDF].

Other Writing

Library of Congress, NDIIPP “The Signal” blog posts:

Click “the signal” tag to see all my posts for NDIIP’s blog, some written while I was working there and some done afterwards. Links to the posts have been re-posted here, sometimes with an amusing/annoying intro quip.

dh+lib blog post:
Digital Humanities & Cultural Heritage, a post I did for the dh+lib group, in which I try to participate as much as I can.
(January 2013)

Frick Art Reference Library blog post:

Documenting the Digital: Behind the Scenes of the Gilded Age Project
(December 2011)

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