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Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, What-Have-Yous

Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, What-Have-Yous

[I can't believe I haven't updated this lately (he says in late 2014) but there have been so many what-have-yous since then it feels like a rather daunting task. Will get to it soon (perhaps)!]

Panel Member, “Alternative Careers in Arts Librarianship and Information Science.” ARLIS/NY. Metropolitan Museum of Art. NYC. December 2013. [Included a 10-min talk called "Trash Your Title" about thinking beyond job titles].

Panel Member, “Lab Culture: Incubating Digital Initiatives.” ARCL/NY 2013 Symposium. NYC. December 2013.

Presenter, “Viewshare: Interfacing with Collection Data.” Digital Library Seminar Series. Columbia University. NYC. November 2013.

Moderator, “Getting Started with Digital Preservation,” Preserving and Archiving Electronically Generated Materials Symposium. Morgan Library & Museum. NYC. November 2013. [As far as moderating goes, I think I did a perfectly fine job, but moderating isn't exactly preserving born-digital rocket science, after all. Video may be online.].

Presenter, “Refining Archival Data,” MARAC Fall Conference. Philadelphia, PA. November 2013. [More a 3-person team demo session on OpenRefine than a solo talk, so no slides, but I made a bundle of links relevant to the use cases I demonstrated:].

Panel Member, “The Role of Archives in Supporting Changing Research PracticesArchival Leaders Advocate Annual Seminar. Center for Jewish History. NYC. September 2013. [It took me nine months to get this panel from idea to event, so slapping myself on there as "moderator/presenter" was really just to save me the effort of sending ten trillion more emails and was not some vanity play. Also, the event couldn't have happened without Rachel Miller from CJH and Nick Pavlick from ART, so many thanks to them -- and the speakers of course too. Video may be online.]

Presenter, “Defining Levels of Preservation and Management for Electronic Records.” SAA Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA. August 2013. [It was a group presentation and discussion -- I presented on the NDSA Levels of Preservation project].

Presenter & Moderator, “Graduate Curriculum in Digital Preservation.” Digital Preservation 2013 Conference. Washington, DC. July 2013.

Presenter, “The Levels of Digital Preservation.” ALA Annual Conference. Digital Preservation Interest Group. Chicago, IL. June 2013. [Significantly revised version of the below talk. Included a clip of "dramatic chipmunk" that wouldn't play due to mac/windows presentation software horribleness].

Presenter, “The Levels of Digital Preservation.” New York Archives Conference. Long Island University. Somewhere on Long Island. June 2013.

Presenter, “Cultural Heritage Icons,” Cultural Heritage Iconathon, METRO. NYC. June 2013. [Yes, I organized this event, but all my hoped-for speakers declined, so I did a  presentation explaining cultural heritage to the designers in attendance and explaining (poorly) icon design and use to the librarians/archivists in attendance].

Presenter, “Force, Form, and Visualizing Data,” New York Technical Services Librarians (NYTSL) Spring Program 2013. NYPL. NYC. May 2013. [Revised version of the ARLIS talk below. "50% new content!"... as I told the audience, to whom it was probably all new content].

Workshop, “Save Your Digital Stuff: Practical Personal Digital Archiving.” Brooklyn Public Library Info Commons. Brooklyn. May 2013.

Panel Member, Digital Cultural Heritage and User Experience Symposium. Brooklyn Historical Society. Brooklyn. May 2013. [Video may be online].

Presenter, “From Interface to Analysis: Visualizing Digital Collections.” Art Libraries Society of North American (ARLIS/NA) Annual Conference. Pasadena, CA, April 2013.

Workshop (webinar), “Practice Safe Archiving: backups, copies, and what can go wrong.” Heritage Preservation Trust, Connecting to Collections webinar, April 2013. [For the record, I did not come up with this title. It's perfectly fine, just noting that].

Lightning Talk, “Personal Digital Archives & Digital Humanities.” Practices of Memory Conference. Fordham University. NYC. March 2013.

Workshop, “Visualize Digital Collections with Viewshare.” THATCamp CAA. CUNYNYC. February 2013.

Co-presenter, “¡Preservationistas! Online Communities, Activist Preservation, and Born-Digital Archives.” Archives and Activism Symposium. The New School. NYC. October 2012.

Co-presenter with Nancy McGovern, “Trends & Challenges in Digital Object Storage Infrastructure: Notes from the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) Infrastructure Working Group Storage Survey.” MDOR Roundtable. SAA Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA. August 2012. [I ended up not being able to make the conference, but Nancy was kind enough to present my slides/talk for me].

Lightning Talk, “Personal Digital Archiving at the Library of Congress.” Digital Preservation 2012 Conference. Washington, DC. July 2012.

Workshop, “Save Your Digital Stuff! Tips on Personal Digital Archiving.” Held at multiple Washington D.C.-area public libraries for Preservation Week in April 2012.

Panel Member, “A Digital Library for Everyone: Designing for Collaboration and Innovation.” Digital Library Federation Fall Forum. Baltimore, MD. October 2011.


Visiting Lecturer, Preserving Digital Culture
Spring 2014 [on-site and remote]
University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Science, MLIS (Archives) Program
(co-taught, developed and ran student labs, revised syllabus, graded student work)

Visiting Lecturer, Digital Preservation
Spring 2013 [on-site and remote]
University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Science, MLIS (Archives) Program
(lectured, developed and ran student labs, created and graded final assignments)

Visiting Lecturer, Introduction to Archives & Records Management
Spring 2012 [remote]
University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Science, MLIS (Archives) Program
(ran online student discussions and assisted with grading)

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