The National Agenda for Digital Stewardship 2014

national-agenda-cover-231x300As one of the co-chairs of the Innovation Working Group of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, I was lucky enough to help contribute to the National Agenda for Digital Stewardship 2014 document.

My contributions were paltry compared to the efforts of the other co-authors, but together we created what I think is a valuable document for highlighting potential areas of research, action, and collaboration in the field of digital stewardship. It is worth a read, if you are into the topic. You can also just grab a copy now and plan on reading it later, since 2014 is still a few months away!

I was also honored to be part of a team that presented the document to funders as part of the Digital Preservation 2013 conference and later to the broader preservation community as part of a public webinar. In both cases, I summarized and expounded upon (in an over-caffeinated way — and for the webinar, in that awkward “am I just talking to my computer” way) the Research Priorities section of the document. Need a grant application idea? Check the Research Priorities section, which is chock full of them!

I look forward both to this document helping influence future digital stewardship activity and to its continued evolution in future versions.

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