Web Archiving in the United State: A 2013 Report

The 2013 NDSA Web Archiving Survey has been released! Regular readers of this blog (I’m kidding of course — there is no such thing!) will recall my work on the 2011 NDSA Web Archiving Survey (uncredited since I worked at LC at the time and there was some arcane, gov-style rule about employee authorship or something).

This is a much spiffier report — much improved by awesome co-authors, new and improved questions, more responses, a fancy-pants style “official report”-looking template thingy, and some classy charts (or at least classier than the last report) that I am taking credit for because they took me for-freaking-ever to make.

There is a blog post on The Signal announcing the release and you can find the PDF of the full report on the web where it will live forever and ever because it is about web archiving and were it to someday not be at that URL anymore it would just be too ironic, right?

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